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Three Purchase Options are Available for MEDical ABBREViations- Always Current:

Single-User License Version:

Entitles a single-user to have electronic access on their computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Price: Single-User, One-Year access- $19.95

No shipping or handling charges.

As of June 2023, this searchable dictionary of medically related medical abbreviations contained 70,065 enteries. Each week over 50 new entries are added keeping the site current and comprehensive.

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Multi-user Site License Version:


Example: If 10 multi-user access licenses are purchased by an institution for their intranet this would entitle 10 users from that institution to use the website concurrently. If an 11th person tried to use the website at the same time,they would get a message that the resource is in use and to try again later.

Of the 20 best hospitals listed in the US News and World Report, 13 purchase Multi-user Site Licenses for their Intranet. Multi-user site licenses are also purchased by pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, law firms, and government agencies for their intranet.


Added features:

1. If desired, we can add your own Do Not Use List This entry will appear in the menu and replace our existing list.

2. Similarly, you can add a separate list of abbreviations which are unique to your institution and its locale. This will also be listed on the menu.

3. At any time, you can request that an abbreviation be added to our existing list of abbreviations.


Three (3) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $640

Five (5) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $840

Eight (8) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $1,090

Ten (10) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $1,240

Twenty (20) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $2,100

Thirty (30) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $3,000

Fifty (50) concurrent multi-user, one year licenses - $4,000

Single-User License Version included in the Book Price:

MEDical ABBREViations- Always Current, is an extension of the book, Medical Abbreviations: 55,000 Conveniences at the Expense of Communication and Safety, 16th Edition, Authored by Neil M Davis, 2020, (723 pages) ISBN 978-0-931431-00-5). Over 600,000 copies of editions of this book have been purchased.

This book is available from (search for Neil M Davis). Price- $ 39.95, this includes shipping cost). The price also includes a single-user, one-year access to the active website.

The book and website make a very useful gift to anyone entering a school for a health-related field or starting a health-related career.


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As part of our mission to be current and comprehensive, this past week MEDical ABBREViations- Always Current has added 81 new entries- the site now contains 71,001 entries.