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Two Purchase Options are Available for MEDical ABBREViations- Always Current:

Single-User License Version  

Entitles a single-user to have electronic access on their computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Price: (medabbrev.com); Single-User, One-Year access license- $19.95

No shipping or handling charges.

As of January 2023, this searchable dictionary of medically related medical abbreviations contained 67,500 enteries. Each week over 50 new entries are added keeping the site current and comprehensive.

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The book is also available to purchase from Amazon and college bookstores.  


Multi-user Site Licenses:   

Of the 20 best hospitals listed in the US News and World Report, 13 purchase medabbrev.com Multi-user Site Licenses for their Intranet.

Pricing Example: If 10 concurrent user licenses were purchased, this would allow for up to 10 users to use the website at one time. The prices shown are for one year.

Three (3) concurrent users $640

Four (4) concurrent users $740

Five (5) concurrent users $840

Ten (10) concurrent users $1,240

Fifteen (15) concurrent users $1,770

Twenty (20) concurrent users $2,100

Twenty-five (25) concurrent users $2,550

Thirty (30) concurrent users $3,000

Fifty (50) concurrent users $4,000

To obtain a 4-week evaluation for your Intranet of the entire website of medabbrev.com, to obtain more information, or to order, contact us by phone at 215 442 7430 or by email at ev@medabbrev.com

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As part of our mission to be current and comprehensive, this past week MEDical ABBREViations- Always Current has added 65 new entries- the site now contains 67,867 entries.